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Built in 1395 by King Taejo(Lee Song-gye), founder of the Chosun Dynasty(1392-1910), Kyongbok palace has the longest history. Kyongbok, meaning the palace of Shining Happiness, once contained over 200 buildings and occupied almost 500,000 square meters at the beginning. It survived almost two centuries before the Japanese invasion of 1592.

Most of the palace buidings were badly damaged by the Japanese and left in ruins until 1865 when the palace was reconstructed as a residednce for King Kojong. During the Japanese colonial rule(1910-1945), a large part of the palace buidings was destroyed once more.

The palace comprises the historical Kyonghoiru, Hyangwonjong and Kunjongjon pavilions, the main hall, where kings discussed the affairs of state and received diplomatic missions.

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