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Historical Places


Myongdong (St.Mary's) Cathedral

In the midst of busy, noisy Myongdong are the red brick walls and a lofty steeple of St. Mary's Cathedral. Erected in the 1890s, it is Korea's oldest Catholic Church where a mass is read every week. The Cathedral welcomes
foreign visitors and encourages their participation
in the services.


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Hanok village

In the Pil-dong area at the northern foot of Mt. Namsan, it spreads over an area of some 7,934 square-meters with five traditional Korean houses of Chosun Dynasty(1392-1910).

This village serves as a kaleido-scope showing ancient domestic appliances, furniture, decorations and other daily life items of the Chosun Dynasty.

Clad in traditional costume, the village of manufacturing lacquer wares, stationery chests, and traditional knot ornaments in the presence of visitors.


War Memorial Museum

The War Memorial traces Korea's 5,000-year history of resistance to numerous invasions, from the Three Kingdom Period to the Korean War.

This Museum has six indoor display rooms including one dedicated to the memory of those who died defending their fatherland.

On its grounds is a huge outdoor exhibition center featuring many kinds of military equipment from artillery pieces to submarines.